NEMT Business Consulting Services

Our Method for a Turnkey, Scalable NEMT Business:

As owners and operators of a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company, our expertise makes us uniquely qualified to consult other entrepreneurs on how to develop a profitable, scalable NEMT business.

We have developed a turnkey, scalable method that includes:

  • Developing a one to five year plan that ensures controllable, profitable growth and positive cash flow.
  • Development of dispatch, fleet management, accounting, and driver operating manuals, job descriptions and performance measurements.
  • Setting Key Performance Indicators and dashboards, including sales demand forecasting, vehicle and people capacity planning.
  • Developing driver retention programs.
  • Developing leadership and management systems that get your staff to follow and continuously improve company direction, rules, and standards.
  • Develop a powerful CSR program to successfully handle customer complaints and solve them quickly.

The Business Franchise Prototype:

Unless a company develops and documents the systems required to run the business, the business cannot grow or improve equity*. The objective of the systems is to run the business, and the people run the system, effectively creating a franchise business model.

The quantification of how well a company increases equity is:

  1. Its ability to attract and keep customers
  2. The return on equity a company produces, year after year
  3. The ability to scale the company
  4. The company must solve a major frustration

The Branded Product/Service Model:

The method to achieve a high level of success is in the development of a documented set of check lists, objectives, descriptions, measurables, and rules, branded to deliver the same unique result in a consistent manner using people paid at market wage, despite high turnover.

Time and dedication is required to focus on the development of: 1) The “Big Idea” – your unique marketing, finance, management, and operations strategies; 2) The organizational strategy – job descriptions, organizational charts, performance scorecards; 3) The operating manuals for each position.

*Equity = Common Stock distributed in lieu of wages; Paid-in Capital; Retained Earnings; Net Income.

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